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Dreamcast Controller

This is an original sega Dreamcast Controller that we have manufacturer's warranty and is authentic oem, we offer it at a lower price for admirers who need a new one. We guarantee that the Controller is brand new and extends the original manufacturer's warranty.

Dream Cast Controller

This Controller is a dream cast Controller designed for use in retro fighter's, it features a black design that will look beneficial in any room. This Controller also features a practice port for getting the most out of your games, the sega Dreamcast hkt-7700 authentic oem Controller is a new Dreamcast Controller that is original and genuine. It is an over-the-air update for the sega Dreamcast hkt-7700 authentic oem controller, this Controller is necessary to have a Dreamcast game play correctly. The sega Dreamcast Controller hkt-7700 is a test-based Controller that inspires and supports the sega Dreamcast device, the Controller is a lightweight, transparent that makes using the Dreamcast feel like a second home. The Controller also includes a number of features and amenities that don't find use on more expensive options, like the sega Dreamcast mouse, the hkt-7700 is designed as a workhorse for the sega dreamcast. It comes with a cable, a jou-sie cable, a game cable, and a speaker, these include an a head rest, a screen, and a retro fighters Dreamcast Controller is a sterling addition to each retro fighter machine. This Controller offers all the features you need to make your machines work well and look great, the Controller also includes a green light to indicate its working. This Controller is sure to give your machine a looks and functions like never before.