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Emerald Blue Gamecube Controller

The Emerald Blue Gamecube Controller is an unequaled condition! Tested dol-003 gc, it's a practical addition to your gaming equipment.

Blue Gamecube Controller

This is an official nintendo Gamecube Controller pad that is teal Blue and grants a tight stick profile, it is enticing for playing your Blue Gamecube games on your tv. The nintendo Gamecube Controller is a top-notch surrogate to enjoy your favorite video games on your tv, this Controller is back-to-back with the red and Blue color wheel that helps with control and movement. It also provides a soft-grip texture for your game selection and experience, the nintendo Gamecube Controller is an outstanding surrogate for shoppers searching for an unique gaming experience. This Controller is authentic and grants been tested in japan, it is moreover a practical way for people scouring for a play experience. This Controller is pink and tested in to whether or not it will pass the japan-certification test, this is a first rate Emerald Blue Gamecube Controller pad from the japan import fast fs series. This pad is fabricated of durable plastic and is manufactured to last, it is furthermore comfortable to operate and comes with a built-in cratering board.