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Japanese Gamecube Controller

The nintendo Gamecube ascii keyboard Controller asc-1901 po is an excellent addition to your gaming equipment, this Controller includes a new limited boxed rare issue, making it a valuable value. From the gamecube, inputting data and navigating the game console are facile and quick.

RARE Japanese Super Smash White Official GameCube Controller & BOX *USA Seller*

Cheap Japanese Gamecube Controller

This is an used Gamecube Controller made by nintendo, it grants a sammy keyboard on it and is to the Japanese Gamecube game console. The Controller grants some surface scratches, but is otherwise in first-class condition, it is probably this fact that makes it so rare and expensive. The Japanese super smash white Gamecube Controller is an extremely rare item and is only for sale to fortunate customers who can afford the high prices for it, this Controller is produced from high-quality materials and imparts a very slim design that makes it very straightforward to hold. It comes with a battery and charger, so you can stay connected even when out of range of the voice-activated mic on the controller, this is a pink Controller with a yellow Gamecube emerald on it. It is never used or used much, just for fun i am selling it because i don't use it often. The Gamecube Controller extends the blue color and extends a white light up in the front that shows the game type and the number of players, the nintendo Gamecube Controller dol-003 is a white color with the box. This Controller is for the Japanese Gamecube product number e1 and is produced by j-otech, it is a standard Controller for machines with ab surface mount digital interface (umd). It extends 6 input majesty brigade 2 greece the japan-specific nintendo Gamecube Controller dol-003 is a white color with the box and is manufactured by j-otech, it renders 6 and is able to handle up to 480 p resolution graphics.