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Logitech Ps2 Controller

The Logitech Ps2 cordless action Controller is a first-class surrogate to increase your gaming experience with your Ps2 controller, this Controller grants a new g-x2 d11 model, which offers extra features such as multiple input and output options, a front-end that senses when the Controller is in portrait or landscape view, and a headless design. With its new, updated interface and no-dongle receiver, this Controller makes gaming on your Ps2 even more immersive.

Logitech Ps2 Wireless Controller

The Logitech ea sports wireless Ps2 Controller is an excellent alternative to have play the game of football (or any other game) on the go, it effortless to operate and provides a comfortable design. It is good for the hands and is ideal for play on the go, this Logitech c-x2 receiver dongle for cordless action Ps2 Controller 863240-0000 is for use with the cordless action Ps2 controller. It is not for use with other controllers, this is a compatible dongle for the Logitech c-x2 controller. This Logitech wireless Controller for the playstation 2 peerless for controlling devices and games on the go, whether you’re gaming on a computer or a phone, this Controller extends an expected amount of range and quality for a wireless device. While it’s not the most comfortable device in the world, it’s sure to please many users, the Logitech cordless action Controller is a sensational substitute to enjoy your favorite games and activities with your Ps2 playstation 2 g-x2 d11. This Controller imparts a detachable cable that makes it effortless to take with you anywhere, the Controller presents a slim design that makes it beneficial for on-the-go experiences.