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Pc Engine Controller

This is a high-end Controller for the 16 Pc Engine model, it is a must have for a shopper using the brand new 9 e software. The Controller makes all your Pc Engine models easier to work with, with more control over the software.

Old Skool PGS Pro Gamer Series TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine  Controller - TG16

Old Skool PGS Pro Gamer

By Old Skool


TurboGrafx 16 PC Engine Video Game System Controller NEW in box w/ adapter TG16
Gaming PC Desktop Computer RGB i7 Intel 2TB HDD 16GB RAM GTX 1060 Nvidia

Gaming PC Desktop Computer RGB

By Custom/Whitebox


PC Engine Avenue Pad 3 Controller Japan

PC Engine Avenue Pad 3

By Hudson


Turbografx Controller

This is a model that is authoring the game and is used by the Pc Engine driver to drive the video game hardware, this Controller is a must-have for any Pc Engine aficionados. This is a Controller for the nec Pc engine, it is used to drive the drive systems on the computer and the game console. It includes a variety of functions including but not limited to, video output, hard drive startup, and application launching, this product is a Pc Engine Controller for the i changer and i sender machines. It requires no programming and can be used with any machine that renders a Pc engine, the Controller includes an 3-position input jack, an output jack, and a potentiometer. It can be used to adjust the power and frequency of the Pc Engine machines, this is a Pc Engine turbo Controller pad from 1978. It is used for testing, it is manufactured of plastic and is used to adjust the Pc engine's power and data buses.