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Psvr Aim Controller

Our new ps4 playstation vr bundle offers you the Aim Controller and firewall zero hour bundle from sony for just $30, this bundle is an unequaled surrogate to start using ps4 playstation vr to its fullest. With all you can control, you can manage your life and explore the world of ps4 playstation vr with ease.

Ps4 Aim Controller

The playstation 4 vr ps4 Controller is a light gun that allows you to move and shoot in 3 it is compatible with ps4 games that use vr support, the Controller allows for movement, firing of rounds, and of enemies with an indicator. Is a virtual reality Controller that allows gamers to play their favorite games on the fullest level possible, with its recognition and face scanner, this Controller is valuable for suitors hunting to get the most out of their virtual reality experience. The Aim Controller is a new alternative to play playstation vr with your controller, with the Aim controller, you can control the game with your body while hunting up at the view from your playstation 4. This is a review of the basic Aim controller, it is better design and it looks more real.