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Sega Saturn Controller

The Sega Saturn Controller is an authentic oem product that comes with a remote Controller and game pad, this product is sure to provide gamers on the go something to love.

Official Sega Saturn Gray Controller HSS-0101 OEM SS Japan Import Very Good
Official Sega Saturn White Controller HSS-0101 OEM SS Japan Import Good GC104

Sega Saturn Controllers

This is a wired model of the Saturn controllers that allow the player to handle the Controller wirelessly, the Controller extends a black color and it is fabricated of plastic. It is straightforward to operate and comes with three buttons: a stick, a button, and a control stick, this is an official Sega Saturn official Controller white, with yellowing and us seller logo. This Controller is for the original owner, the Sega Saturn Controller pad is a splendid accessory for your Sega Saturn console! This pad helps control down-and-trips and other functions with your hand. It also allows you to handle the Sega Saturn as a regular Controller for other devices, such as the tv, computer, and phone, the retro-bit is the official Sega Saturn Controller pad. It is original port black and is produced of durable material, it is prime for control over your Sega Saturn computer games. Order your retro-bit today.