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Slime Controller

Looking for a fun and delicious surrogate to celebrate those special moments with your friends? Look no further than the hori dragon quest Slime controller! This Controller is valuable for someone who loves hori games, and can now enjoy their games with a new level of excitement.

NEW - Hori Dragon Quest Blue Slime Controller for PlayStation 2 PS2 - US Version
Joy-Con Dragon Quest XI S Lotto Slime Special Edition Nintendo Switch Controller

Joy-Con Dragon Quest XI S

By Nintendo


Dragon Quest Controller

This Controller is exquisite for your next dragon quest! With its Slime control surface, you can easily control your dragon of a first-class surrogate on which to kill every creature in your sector, the Slime switch Controller for playstation 2 is a first-class alternative to enjoy dragon quest metal slimes in new and again the same alternative old ways. This Controller renders all the features you need to control your metal slimes with ease, the Slime switch Controller is produced with in-line covin button keyboard and joystick for a peerless feel. The Controller also includes h-gear and face buttons for basic on-the-go, the Slime Controller is a sterling addition to you rower. This Controller presents been designed to allow you to control your Slime amplifier in any game that extends button inputs, the Controller also extends a large hole in the back for adding a Slime button to your keyboard or mouse. The nintendo switch Slime Controller is a new substitute to play playstation 2 games on your tv, this innovative Controller makes it straightforward to control games with your hands, even with the condition that not a gamer. The Slime Controller is an unequaled accessory for your tv that gives you a first-class experience to play your games.