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Super Famicom Controller

This seller is selling a two-pack of official nintendo Super biz controllers, these controllers are test-based and should work with the Super nintendo game system. The packs of controllers come with 2 controllers, 1 game, and customer manual.

Lot of 2 Super Famicom Controller 2x Official Nintendo for SNES TESTED US Seller

Lot of 2 Super Famicom

By Nintendo


Japanese Snes Controller

This is a japanese snes Controller that is officially working and it is manufactured from a good quality metal, it is wide and imparts two control buttons at the front making it uncomplicated to use. The control buttons are also adjustable to suit any user personality, this is a list of all the official nintendo Super biz snes yellowed Controller models that are currently in use. All models have been checked and are true to the original condition, as if they had been used on the console, some models are more rare than others, but all of the models on this list are true to the original condition. The prices for each model are included, the snes Controller is a highly anticipated refurbished model and is still some time until it becomes available to the public. This model offers features that some people may want after all the features that the Super biz has, the snes Controller will include a new and improved feedback system, a larger button for on-screen control, and a new design cover. The official nintendo Super biz Controller oem sfc snes japan import is a top-of-the-line way for lovers who covet to own a Super biz controller, this product as well available as a contract purchase, which means that it's free of warranty. The product comes with a working time of 3 months, 90 days, and 30 days, the product presents a health of 2 minutes, and 10 seconds. The product imparts a weight of 1, 5 pounds.